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Over time your turf areas can become extremely compact. This can be quite common after an event is held on a turf area or from kids playing, sports fields and even weekly mowing. During this process, a thick and dense layer of thatch (dead grass roots and stems) takes over at the turf’s surface, and your lawn can be starved of oxygen and water that is needed down at the roots.

Lawn aeration is a method of mechanically creating holes into the turf to allow moisture, oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the soil. There are other methods out there such as spike aeration (holes are stabbed into the turf) but mechanically removing the cores places less pressure on the turf and soil because it removes the actual core of soil, turf and root.

During the process of core aeration, plugs are deposited onto the surface of your lawn, which breaks down over the course of a couple weeks with proper watering. As the cores break down, they provide great nutrition for the existing soil along with increasing the strength of the turf’s roots beneath the surface.

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